CURRICULUM IS WHAT HAPPENS IN AN EDUCATIONAL ENVIRONMENT. It allows for experimentation and creative activities and helps the child develop basic skills in the fine motor, gross motor, mental and cognitive areas of development.

OUR PROGRAM REVOLVES AROUND EVERY DAY EXPERIENCES THAT FIT THE NEEDS AND ABILITIES OF THE INDIVIDUAL CHILD. The Lord of Life Preschool program develops your child spiritually, physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally. Our objective is to provide a foundation for skills and develop the enjoyment of the challenges of learning.

Your child will be involved in a variety of experiences such as:

  • Religious experiences – daily prayer, Bible stories, and an overall Christian atmosphere.
  • Social experiences – oral expression, developing self-esteem, and an awareness of the needs of others.
  • Readiness experiences – patterning, sorting, classifying, ordering, seriating, and basic problem solving.
  • Indoor play experiences – water play, block, puzzles, pegboards, legos, lacing cards, and other manipulative toys.
  • Outdoor play experiences – climbing, jumping, pedaling, and others.
  • Creative experiences – rhythm instruments, singing, many varied art media.
  • Language arts experiences – stories and real-life experiences.
  • Science experiences – cooking, experimenting, and learning about the wonderful world God created.
  • Field trips and guests – trips to various points of interest and visits from resource persons.
  • Housekeeping and dramatic experiences – using role play in familiar and imaginative experiences.